The Futureheads: Rant

There are the haters: It’s been called “a stunt. It’s been called “a novelty record”. And there are the lovers: “Beautiful in the Buff”, they shout! Slate proclaims, “it’s certainly not a novelty record”. British punk-rockers, The Futureheads, most recent release, Rant, is how the band is announcing that they’re no longer “British punk-rockers”. From […]

Starship Amazing: The Robot Trilogy

When society finally reaches its pinnacle, the planets will align and we, as a people, will admit that Super Mario should be our president. Colors will become brighter, cheerful electronic sounds will percolate through the pink glowing atmosphere, and Starship Amazing shall be anointed Poet Laureates. Many say it’s impossible. A few think it has already happened. […]

Brian Lopez: Ultra

They say its going to feel like 109° today in Cambridge, MA. And – as I have a pile of CDs waiting for me now that I’m back from the lovely West Coast – the ridiculous weather is pushing me straight towards the Brian Lopez albums that arrived from a baking Tucson, AZ (115° today). I requested […]

Julio Y Agosto: Self Titled

What do you get when you blend Ozomatli, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Where the Wild Things Are? Argentinian sympho-rockers Juilo Y Agosto‘s eponymous first album. The music speaks for itself and, as the PaisleyEast office will be closing early this afternoon for a Phish show, we will leave it at that. Enjoy.  

Mal Blum: Every Time You Go Somewhere

My brain is young, my heart can’t think. Mal Blum is 23 years old. Blum sings with a smile, laughing between lines and bantering with the audience during live sets. It reminds me considerably of another NY singer/songwriter at the beginning of her career: Buffalo native Ani DiFranco. Though, I doubt that Blum wants to hear that […]

The Beach Boys: That’s Why God Made the Radio

Of the many manifestations of California throughout the years – Gold Country (1849), Yosemite Valley & Natural Beauty (1864), Ravaged by Earthquake & Fire (1906), Glamorous Glenn (1947), Anti-War & Free-Speech Protests (1964), Valley Girls (1980), Silicon Valley (1971-present) – perhaps the most valuable & long-lasting image has been that of tanned beauties lounging on […]

The Last Names: Wilderness EP

Yes: Bishop Allen lives, in a way. Aside from working on an, as of yet, unnamed album – two of their members, founder Justin Rice & Butterfly Nets beauty Darby Nowatka have formed The Last Names as a side-project. The Last Names is currently working on both an album, Wilderness, and an ambitious, albeit remarkable, year-long […]

Bishop Allen: November & December EPs

It was 2006. I was an idealistic Californian chasing dreams of utopia on a South facing East Bay hillside. Bishop Allen, a band I had recently discovered, was in the midst of a novel experiment in which they would release a new EP every month for a year. In October of that year I purchased […]

Wes Anderson: Moonrise Kingdom

Last night I was lucky enough to join a few friends for the Boston/Cambridge Premiere of Wes Anderson‘s new film, Moonrise Kingdom, at Cambridge’s very own Brattle Theater. While it’s odd not to see a Wilson brother in the film (Anderson’s first movie to forgo all three), he instead reached out to another first family […]

The Intelligence: Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me

Where is the threshold beyond which lies cacophony? Slightly proud of the discordant horizon lies frenetic, post-punk-garage-rockers The Intelligence, a mish-mash mix of artists pulled together by the oscillations of a star spinning between Los Angeles and Seattle. Lars Finberg is responsible for the insane level of output, 14 singles/splits/eps & 8 full albums since […]

Brighton Music Hall: Kishi Bashi & The Barr Brothers

Tuesday, May 15, 2012: It was a homecoming for The Barr Brothers and the room showed it, locals and friends loitered near the stage and at the green-room door. Kishi Bashi on the other hand is relatively new to town yet still had a throng of young girls (and at least one talkative man) swooning […]