Randy Newman: Bad Love

What I’m Listening To Today: Randy Newman: Bad Love. Newman took eleven years off between releasing Land of Dreams (1988) and Bad Love (1999). After co-writing the script (& penning several musical masterpieces) for the 1986 comedic smash-hit Three Amigos!, Newman scored dozens of films, including comedies: Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, Parenthood & Major League; western action […]

Bob Dylan: Tempest

He’s back. Like Twain, the reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Half a century has passed between the release of Bob Dylan‘s first eponymous album and this morning’s release of Tempest, and while some have drawn parallels William Shakespeare‘s final play, The Tempest, it remains unknown if Dylan’s latest offering will ultimately stand as […]

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé: Barcelona

We are all balanced and well-rounded individuals here, well, maybe all except for the Doodle, who has raised a cadre of hops-eating terrorist kittens – but that’s another story. PaisleyBlog loves Queen and by extension Freddie Mercury. This, paired with the fact that I finally received a full explanation regarding Kirocknrolls distaste for The Beach […]

Hayes Carll: Kmag Yoyo (& Other American Stories)

We don’t post a lot of country music around the PaisleyBlog. So, if that’s what you’re into, you better enjoy this update. What I’m Listening To Today: Hayes Carll: Kmag Yoyo (& Other American Stories). I guess he’s already kinda a big deal. I don’t know, I just discovered him at the public library. Aside […]

Dan Blakeslee: Live at Laconia Prison

I’m about to walk out the door, Gershwin‘s Summertime is on the stereo. Stabarific and I are leaving the mainland for a weekend PaisleyTunes fact finding mission on Nantucket Island (remember our last Nantucket post?). But before I go, because I love you, I am going to remind you about a great Boston musician, Dan […]

Django Reinhardt: Swing De Paris

What I’m Listening To Today: Django Reinhardt: Swing De Paris. In 1970, Bob Dylan sang that he “went to see the gypsy”. It’s been proposed that Dylan was referring to “The King” when he said “he did it in Las Vegas and he can do it here”. Elvis Presley had recently staged a comeback, resurrecting […]

Ella & Louis: The Complete… On Verve

What I’m Listening to Tonight: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: The Complete Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong On Verve. While this is something that I have had for a while (late 90’s I think), I shouldn’t always have to talk about new music should I? ShuaibaJ told me that I need to type at least […]

Anchor & Braille: The Quiet Life

What I’m Listening To Today: Anchor & Braille: The Quiet Life. Initially A&B was used as a simple conduit for extra songs, specifically those which didn’t fit the sound of Stephen Christian‘s other band, Anberlin. Times have changed. This mellow band is now touring. Reminds me a bit of Tears for Fears, how about you? […]

The Beach Boys: Shut Down Volume 2

There has been a bit of grumbling lately, some opining that perhaps I have devoted too much space to The Beach Boys. To this I respond, impossible. It may be true that the greatest surfers who didn’t really surf fell off their big-kahuna perch in the decade’s final twenty years, but that doesn’t matter to […]

Gangstagrass: Rappalachia

Rather than write a long-winded, boring review, I think perhaps I’ll start a long-running series of simpler posts. What I’m Listening to Today: Gangstagrass: Rappalachia. The New York based genre-benders have released their fascinating sophomore album this year. While I don’t typically dabble in rap, these guys make it amazing. Enjoy.

Brian Lopez: Official Digital Bootleg

With the first throes of August we succumb once again to the oppressive heat and humidity that passes uninvited across our threshold, another telling sign that the reputation of the eastern seaboard hinges upon the dire misery of its squatters. However, with heat comes relief, either in reality or during a final hallucinatory fadeout. Just […]