The Wolverines: What A Bloody Great Day To Go Sailing.

In the past 10,000 years what has Australia given us? Well, my childhood best friend had an Australian father and we always put on his funny military uniforms. And did they manufacture those shoes I had that made me hate sitting ‘indian style’ at school presentations because they made my feet stick to the carpet? […]

Bob Dylan: Tempest

He’s back. Like Twain, the reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Half a century has passed between the release of Bob Dylan‘s first eponymous album and this morning’s release of Tempest, and while some have drawn parallels William Shakespeare‘s final play, The Tempest, it remains unknown if Dylan’s latest offering will ultimately stand as […]

Hayes Carll: Kmag Yoyo (& Other American Stories)

We don’t post a lot of country music around the PaisleyBlog. So, if that’s what you’re into, you better enjoy this update. What I’m Listening To Today: Hayes Carll: Kmag Yoyo (& Other American Stories). I guess he’s already kinda a big deal. I don’t know, I just discovered him at the public library. Aside […]

Dan Blakeslee: Tatnic Tales

Stabarific & I wandered out Sunday evening to enjoy the only pleasant time of day here during the sizzling Cambridge summer: the night. We quaffed wheat beer and munched popcorn (covered in extra-butter) while enjoying Casablanca at the Brattle Theatre, Harvard Square’s local movie-house, then meandered to J.P Lick’s for some jimmied-up ice cream to compliment […]

Justin Townes Earle

You guessed it, they’re related. Justin Townes Earle, son of famed Steve Earle by his third wife of a 2008 count showing seven, sings songs on par with the twang we appreciate in the elder. A little raking however, uncovers a great deal of muck with this character. Almost too much.  As the stories and […]