Hayes Carll: Kmag Yoyo (& Other American Stories)

We don’t post a lot of country music around the PaisleyBlog. So, if that’s what you’re into, you better enjoy this update. What I’m Listening To Today: Hayes Carll: Kmag Yoyo (& Other American Stories). I guess he’s already kinda a big deal. I don’t know, I just discovered him at the public library. Aside […]

Julio Y Agosto: Self Titled

What do you get when you blend Ozomatli, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Where the Wild Things Are? Argentinian sympho-rockers Juilo Y Agosto‘s eponymous first album. The music speaks for itself and, as the PaisleyEast office will be closing early this afternoon for a Phish show, we will leave it at that. Enjoy.  

Eddie Vedder: Ukulele Songs

Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs elicited a modicum of push-back after its initial 2011 release. As expounded below: Hipsters believed hipsters were taking the humble ukulele too mainstream. This declaration led to a denunciation by hipster-hating-hipsters of pro-establishment-hipsters as a scourge on the earth and a simultaneous & cantankerous selloff of Keim-style DaSilva Mahogany Custom Concert Ukes on Craigslist […]

Guster: Discography

So, today I sat down at my desk and decided to listen to a band named Guster. I have to admit, I don’t know much about them – but it turns out that they met at Tufts University in Medford, MA (about 5 miles away) and lived in Somerville, MA on the corner of College […]

Islands: A Sleep & A Forgetting

It’s true that I have been craving some new Islands music since posting about Cuff the Duke at the beginning of January. Finally, the Canadians have come through for me. This Valentines Day they will be releasing their fourth album entitled, A Sleep & A Forgetting (for some reason I have yet to pick up Vapors, their […]