Paint Your Wagon: Broadway to Hollywood

In 1951, while humanity vicariously ventured to the heights of the universe, under the wand’rin’ stars it’s terrestrial half constructed the heart and soul of one of the most influential moments in entertainment history which would ultimately define 1969 as a year that produced one of man’s greatest stories of Boom, Bust, Bigamy, & Brotherhood. […]

The Colourist: EP

I know several of you are bored by the exorbitant number of northeasty Ivy-League deliberpoppers that have been coming out of Brooklyn lately, many have been featured by PaisleyTunes due to the catchy, concise, and easy listening nature of their oeuvre*. Let me now tell you about a new band – one that will blow the […]

The Best of Bootie: 2012

As promised, I am here today to discuss the greatest party music ever, Bootie’s annual “best-of” mashup collection. Bootie, an enormous quasi-underground dance party, was started in San Francisco in 2003 by DJ Adrian & DJ Mysterious (aka: A Plus D), in an attempt to create a nightclub based exclusively on bootleg mashups. Nine years later […]

The Beach Boys: Shut Down Volume 2

There has been a bit of grumbling lately, some opining that perhaps I have devoted too much space to The Beach Boys. To this I respond, impossible. It may be true that the greatest surfers who didn’t really surf fell off their big-kahuna perch in the decade’s final twenty years, but that doesn’t matter to […]

Little Wings: Made It Rain (Cassette)

Deep within the shady annals of Hipsterdom one can find a single, shabby, college-ruled sheet of paper.  It’s scribbled on with blue & red ink, the tome is exclusively devoted to the resurrection of cassette-tapes for the purpose of media distribution and tucked into the vinyl front pocket of the “Formatting” trapper-keeper. In addition, look for the […]

Bill Tapia: 1908-2011

I just heard the sad news that ukulele legend, Bill Tapia, passed away in December of 2011. Tapia played ukulele from the age of 7 until his death, in Westminster, CA, at 103 years old. As described by the San Francisco Chronicle: “Born in Hawaii to Portuguese parents, Tapia could recall playing “Stars and Stripes […]

Islands: A Sleep & A Forgetting

It’s true that I have been craving some new Islands music since posting about Cuff the Duke at the beginning of January. Finally, the Canadians have come through for me. This Valentines Day they will be releasing their fourth album entitled, A Sleep & A Forgetting (for some reason I have yet to pick up Vapors, their […]

Wildfire: Smokin

Yesterday I started looking into a bit of the early Laguna Beach, California rock scene, deciding about 9 hours later that this was a huge mistake. I first stumbled on to a band named Wildfire. This band was made up of musicians Randy Love (cousin to Beach Boy Mike Love), Donny Martin, and Denny Jamison. […]

If You’re Going to California….

If you’re going to California… don’t forget to swing by The Society of California Pioneers Museum in San Francisco where you can see their Singing the Golden State exhibit. The Public Opening is Thursday, February 23rd. Curated by James M. Keller, the Program Annotator for the San Francisco Symphony and New York Philharmonic, “the exhibit features […]

Phil Ochs: Tape From California

Half the World is crazy and the other half is scared, Madonnas do the minuet for the naked millionaires. The anarchists are rising while we’re racing for the moon, it doesn’t take a seer to see that the scene is coming soon… To the victor go the ashes of the spoils, seeds in the soil. Sorry, […]

George Wilton Ballard: I’m Going Back to California

After being poo-pooed by certain members of the blog I decided to take an extra day off..  yet even on my bonus day of rest, I came across some music that is worthy of being mentioned. I’ll be back in California next weekend and to celebrate I’m posting an amazing old cylinder recording of George […]