The Colourist: EP

I know several of you are bored by the exorbitant number of northeasty Ivy-League deliberpoppers that have been coming out of Brooklyn lately, many have been featured by PaisleyTunes due to the catchy, concise, and easy listening nature of their oeuvre*.

Let me now tell you about a new band – one that will blow the socks right off your perfectly pedicured, pillow-soft paws – a band from sunny Southern California.

The Colourist are a quartet-sandwich, made from frontman/guitarist Adam Castilla & drummer/vocalist Maya Tuttle, and bookended by multi-instrumentalists Justin Wagner & Killin Johannsen who fill in on vocals and flip sides from time to time, switching implements along the way.

The band is on an enormous roll this past year being picked to play at the Coachella Music Festival, signing with Universal’s Republic Records**, touring the entire United States, and (recently announced) headlining the OC Weekly Summer Fest come this June.

The dynamic between these four is astounding and their stage presence is exhilarating. After watching the performance at Boston‘s Brighton Music Hall***, where they opened for fellow label-mates Youngblood Hawke, PaisleyTunes East fully & enthusiastically endorsed the band via Twitter:

While the band graciously comped PT a pair of tickets, their generosity has in no way affected this review aside from the following statement: Adam is one of the nicest musicians I have ever met.

The band is currently at work on a new, full-length record and, as their EP is out of print, fans will have to wait until summer before they get their sticky fingers on the physical media. However, an inside source alerted PT that there will be a special-edition 7″ record appearing in the next “couple weeks”. Check back in the coming days for updates on its progress.

If you just cannot wait until then, the band has been kind enough to release a few demos to the public (here, & here), and an absolutely brilliant striped down version of Yes Yes is available to watch on the website of Paste Magazine. Additionally, many of their music videos are gathering hits YouTube:

Above Video: Wishing Wells, The Colourist, 04/2012


And now you know.


* Oeuvre = The complete work. Hors d’oeuvre = Apart from the main work.

** Home to ALO, Florence + The Machine, 2012 PaisleyTunes Artist of the Year, Runner-Up: King Charles, Mika, Of Monsters and Men, PSY, The Avett Bros., ZZ Top, & tons of other musicians of note.

*** You might recognize me from such posts as Kishi Bashi & The Barr Brothers.


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2 thoughts on “The Colourist: EP

  1. Great tunes coming out of this group. Can’t wait until they tour toward PaisleyTunes West!

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  2. Great play!
    Thanks for the heads-up, AGAIN!!!

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