The Colourist: EP

I know several of you are bored by the exorbitant number of northeasty Ivy-League deliberpoppers that have been coming out of Brooklyn lately, many have been featured by PaisleyTunes due to the catchy, concise, and easy listening nature of their oeuvre*. Let me now tell you about a new band – one that will blow the […]

Talk To Me of Mendocino

I have a small vial of Persian water. It sits on my desk here at PaisleyTunes West. It was a gift from a holy man to my wife and I and it brings us peace of mind to feel like we can hold a brief second of such a powerful natural force; an exercise feasible […]

The Beach Boys: That’s Why God Made the Radio

Of the many manifestations of California throughout the years – Gold Country (1849), Yosemite Valley & Natural Beauty (1864), Ravaged by Earthquake & Fire (1906), Glamorous Glenn (1947), Anti-War & Free-Speech Protests (1964), Valley Girls (1980), Silicon Valley (1971-present) – perhaps the most valuable & long-lasting image has been that of tanned beauties lounging on […]


Another Daytrotter pick, the Los Angeles based California band, Allah-Las, were just another one of the many until their annoying familiarity struck me. With clean simple guitar, no back-beat, and audible arm-chair vocals, they’re reminiscent (to this author) of Mick Jagger and his Stones. Beyond my general annoyance with the droning of The Rolling Stones, I’m happy to […]

Wildfire: Smokin

Yesterday I started looking into a bit of the early Laguna Beach, California rock scene, deciding about 9 hours later that this was a huge mistake. I first stumbled on to a band named Wildfire. This band was made up of musicians Randy Love (cousin to Beach Boy Mike Love), Donny Martin, and Denny Jamison. […]

If You’re Going to California….

If you’re going to California… don’t forget to swing by The Society of California Pioneers Museum in San Francisco where you can see their Singing the Golden State exhibit. The Public Opening is Thursday, February 23rd. Curated by James M. Keller, the Program Annotator for the San Francisco Symphony and New York Philharmonic, “the exhibit features […]

LIVE! at The 1966 Berkeley Blues Festival & Zodico Blues & Boogie (1993)

Berkeley Blues Festival (1966) & Zodico Blues & Boogie (1993) Radio KAL invites you to enjoy the sounds of nineteen sixty-six from Harmon Gymnasium at the University of California, Berkeley with Mance, Clifton, and Lightning. Mance Lipscomb: What else can be said.. he’s a Choctaw-Texan blues songster who has had the ultimate honor of being […]

George Wilton Ballard: I’m Going Back to California

After being poo-pooed by certain members of the blog I decided to take an extra day off..  yet even on my bonus day of rest, I came across some music that is worthy of being mentioned. I’ll be back in California next weekend and to celebrate I’m posting an amazing old cylinder recording of George […]

Paint Your Wagon: Greatest Musical of All Time?

Once you get past Maria (pronounced mar-eye-ah), possibly one of my least favorite songs on earth, 1969’s Paint Your Wagon should be considered “one of the greatest musicals of all time”.  Take this clip for example: Now, some people don’t like California as much as the rest of us, but it seems to me that Lee […]