Talk To Me of Mendocino

I have a small vial of Persian water. It sits on my desk here at PaisleyTunes West. It was a gift from a holy man to my wife and I and it brings us peace of mind to feel like we can hold a brief second of such a powerful natural force; an exercise feasible […]

Gangstagrass: Rappalachia

Rather than write a long-winded, boring review, I think perhaps I’ll start a long-running series of simpler posts. What I’m Listening to Today: Gangstagrass: Rappalachia. The New York based genre-benders have released their fascinating sophomore album this year. While I don’t typically dabble in rap, these guys make it amazing. Enjoy.

Mal Blum: Every Time You Go Somewhere

My brain is young, my heart can’t think. Mal Blum is 23 years old. Blum sings with a smile, laughing between lines and bantering with the audience during live sets. It reminds me considerably of another NY singer/songwriter at the beginning of her career: Buffalo native Ani DiFranco. Though, I doubt that Blum wants to hear that […]

Hot Chocolate: Cicero Park

Stabbarific and I have been watching FX’s Louie on Netflix lately. If you haven’t heard of it, Louie is Louis C.K.’s Seinfeldian vignette based comedy show about himself… and it’s hilarious. The show opens with an extended clip of Louis C.K. walking through a New York City neighborhood, eating pizza, and eventually arriving at the Comedy Cellar while being […]