Talk To Me of Mendocino

I have a small vial of Persian water. It sits on my desk here at PaisleyTunes West. It was a gift from a holy man to my wife and I and it brings us peace of mind to feel like we can hold a brief second of such a powerful natural force; an exercise feasible […]

King Charles: Daytrotter Session

Not to step on ShuaiBaJ’s toes, but one of my current favorites stopped by Daytrotter this morning (9am EST) and gifted the world three more simple gems. Since releasing his first full-length album, Loveblood (which apparently we never reviewed!?), King Charles has been continuing his never-ending European tour and, as he is European, we cannot […]

Justin Townes Earle

You guessed it, they’re related. Justin Townes Earle, son of famed Steve Earle by his third wife of a 2008 count showing seven, sings songs on par with the twang we appreciate in the elder. A little raking however, uncovers a great deal of muck with this character. Almost too much.  As the stories and […]