Justin Townes Earle

You guessed it, they’re related.

Justin Townes Earle, son of famed Steve Earle by his third wife of a 2008 count showing seven, sings songs on par with the twang we appreciate in the elder. A little raking however, uncovers a great deal of muck with this character. Almost too much.  As the stories and reports unfold, it seems this kid is a little genetically talented and a lot addicted to drugs. By 21 he’d run the gamut of abuses and by now has suffered the gamut of consequences. As always, this listener hopes for a clean-er future and more Nashville rhythms for the appropriately decorated emerging artist of the aught years.

He recently played in a barnstormin’ session on Daytrotter.com that deserves a listen, along with his earlier September sessions from 2008 & 2010.

JTE is added to the list of artists with a uniquely scrolling websites worth a browse.

[itunes id=”496335297″].

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