The Colourist: EP

I know several of you are bored by the exorbitant number of northeasty Ivy-League deliberpoppers that have been coming out of Brooklyn lately, many have been featured by PaisleyTunes due to the catchy, concise, and easy listening nature of their oeuvre*. Let me now tell you about a new band – one that will blow the […]

King Charles: Loveblood

I took a trip to New Hampshire this weekend and grabbed a handful of CDs for the ride. Included in this pile (of course) were my most recent favorites: Kishi Bashi, Brian López, The Shins, The Beach Boys, and King Charles. Surprisingly, one of our pals riding along in the car mentioned that he had […]

King Charles: Daytrotter Session

Not to step on ShuaiBaJ’s toes, but one of my current favorites stopped by Daytrotter this morning (9am EST) and gifted the world three more simple gems. Since releasing his first full-length album, Loveblood (which apparently we never reviewed!?), King Charles has been continuing his never-ending European tour and, as he is European, we cannot […]

Kishi Bashi: 151a

While awaiting King Charles‘ release (due in a week), I set out to discover additional music that fell into a similar vein. Coincidentally, I happen to receive a notice that The Barr Brothers would be traveling through Boston, MA and playing a show at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston. The brothers are playing that […]

King Charles: Mississippi Isabel EP

It’s really rare that I find a musician who I find utterly fascinating. King Charles is the embodiment of an alternate reality Tom Hulce, an actor who wanted to be a musician. King Charles may be the combination of Hulce’s greatest performances; A melding of  the comedic Pinto from Animal House, the diabolically brilliant Mozart […]