Chris Hadfield

A little over a year ago, PaisleyTunes celebrated the 1977 release into space of a golden platter, inscribed with earthly symbols, logic, and etched with the sounds of the earth, humanity gambling on the slim odds that ET will have built something between a Victrola-1 and a Technics SL-1210MK5. It’s still floating and we’re still […]

Isto (Lumber-Jack Isto), AKA: Chris White: Web-Videos

While searching around the internet, scouting for interesting spots to visit in New York City, I came across a wooly mammoth of a man with a penchant for guitar and a knack for the absurd. His stark comic stylings remind me so much of a few of our PaisleyMembers that I decided he must be […]

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé: Barcelona

We are all balanced and well-rounded individuals here, well, maybe all except for the Doodle, who has raised a cadre of hops-eating terrorist kittens – but that’s another story. PaisleyBlog loves Queen and by extension Freddie Mercury. This, paired with the fact that I finally received a full explanation regarding Kirocknrolls distaste for The Beach […]

The Beach Boys: Shut Down Volume 2

There has been a bit of grumbling lately, some opining that perhaps I have devoted too much space to The Beach Boys. To this I respond, impossible. It may be true that the greatest surfers who didn’t really surf fell off their big-kahuna perch in the decade’s final twenty years, but that doesn’t matter to […]

King Charles: Loveblood

I took a trip to New Hampshire this weekend and grabbed a handful of CDs for the ride. Included in this pile (of course) were my most recent favorites: Kishi Bashi, Brian López, The Shins, The Beach Boys, and King Charles. Surprisingly, one of our pals riding along in the car mentioned that he had […]

The Beach Boys: That’s Why God Made the Radio

Of the many manifestations of California throughout the years – Gold Country (1849), Yosemite Valley & Natural Beauty (1864), Ravaged by Earthquake & Fire (1906), Glamorous Glenn (1947), Anti-War & Free-Speech Protests (1964), Valley Girls (1980), Silicon Valley (1971-present) – perhaps the most valuable & long-lasting image has been that of tanned beauties lounging on […]

Little Wings: Made It Rain (Cassette)

Deep within the shady annals of Hipsterdom one can find a single, shabby, college-ruled sheet of paper.  It’s scribbled on with blue & red ink, the tome is exclusively devoted to the resurrection of cassette-tapes for the purpose of media distribution and tucked into the vinyl front pocket of the “Formatting” trapper-keeper. In addition, look for the […]

Wildfire: Smokin

Yesterday I started looking into a bit of the early Laguna Beach, California rock scene, deciding about 9 hours later that this was a huge mistake. I first stumbled on to a band named Wildfire. This band was made up of musicians Randy Love (cousin to Beach Boy Mike Love), Donny Martin, and Denny Jamison. […]