Mark Mothersbaugh: The Lego Movie

Everything is Awesome, except maybe that song. Maybe. With stunning stop-motion-esque digital animation, almost every Lego character we know and love, comes to live with the same yellow-headed always-happy-go-lucky personas we’ve manufactured for ourselves. The world abounds with serialized parts, new and old, ubiquitous and rare. Water flows and buildings crumble same as if they […]

James Blake and Kwabs

I find myself reluctant to post to PaisleyTunes because I am afraid that the music I want to write about won’t be new enough. Then I was reminded by my fellow contributors that it’s not about being the first to find the music, it’s about the music and sharing your perspective. So, here goes, no […]

The Best of Bootie: 2012

As promised, I am here today to discuss the greatest party music ever, Bootie’s annual “best-of” mashup collection. Bootie, an enormous quasi-underground dance party, was started in San Francisco in 2003 by DJ Adrian & DJ Mysterious (aka: A Plus D), in an attempt to create a nightclub based exclusively on bootleg mashups. Nine years later […]

Starship Amazing: The Robot Trilogy

When society finally reaches its pinnacle, the planets will align and we, as a people, will admit that Super Mario should be our president. Colors will become brighter, cheerful electronic sounds will percolate through the pink glowing atmosphere, and Starship Amazing shall be anointed Poet Laureates. Many say it’s impossible. A few think it has already happened. […]

Brighton Music Hall: Kishi Bashi & The Barr Brothers

Tuesday, May 15, 2012: It was a homecoming for The Barr Brothers and the room showed it, locals and friends loitered near the stage and at the green-room door. Kishi Bashi on the other hand is relatively new to town yet still had a throng of young girls (and at least one talkative man) swooning […]

Kishi Bashi: Live in Washington DC

If you haven’t seen enough of Kishi Bashi on the blog lately (exhibits A & B), I am alerting everyone to the fact that NPR has a couple live shows on its website, streaming both mp3 and HD video. Or, look no further than the PaisleyBlog to provide you a link to the Washington DC show and check […]

The 2 Bears: Be Strong

Beyond this blog’s rampant bear obsession and Be Strong‘s introductory track, The Birds & The Bees’ quiet music-box Teddybear Picnic conclusion, there are many reasons to stop everything and listen to this album. The 2 Bears (I feel like I’ve posted them before but for some reason haven’t) consist of London pals Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard […]

Kishi Bashi: 151a

While awaiting King Charles‘ release (due in a week), I set out to discover additional music that fell into a similar vein. Coincidentally, I happen to receive a notice that The Barr Brothers would be traveling through Boston, MA and playing a show at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston. The brothers are playing that […]