Starship Amazing: The Robot Trilogy

When society finally reaches its pinnacle, the planets will align and we, as a people, will admit that Super Mario should be our president. Colors will become brighter, cheerful electronic sounds will percolate through the pink glowing atmosphere, and Starship Amazing shall be anointed Poet Laureates.

Many say it’s impossible.

A few think it has already happened.

I believe that the people behind Far From Subtle TV are actively spiking water systems and attempting to subvert the current world order.

The truth is, Calvin Hansen and Derek Alexander have made some pretty cool tunes. And while they may sound like video game soundtracks – it’s a video game I wouldn’t mind hearing in the background all day. It’s a bit of a stretch to compare the nerdy duo to Stereolab or LCD Soundsystem re-mixing a Jim Noir score of Happy Tree Friends, but I’m going to do it anyway. So there.

And now you know.

Check out their website to download the tunes.

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