The Best of Bootie: 2012

As promised, I am here today to discuss the greatest party music ever, Bootie’s annual “best-of” mashup collection. Bootie, an enormous quasi-underground dance party, was started in San Francisco in 2003 by DJ Adrian & DJ Mysterious (aka: A Plus D), in an attempt to create a nightclub based exclusively on bootleg mashups. Nine years later […]

Question: Interludes & Interpretations

We recently had a request on the blog for music that wasn’t as mopey. So, assuming that is my fault and not Shuaiba’s, here is an artist that everyone is sure to enjoy. Question is a guy from Southern California, a self-proclamed beatsmith, who melds jazz, vocal, and orchestral melodies into tight hip-hop backing tracks. […]

The Rock-It! Scientists

Most people feel the only good place for Bros is at the bottom of a dumpster or making love to their MK-48 in the hills of BFE, however, in some cases the Bro elite are recruited to the “Top Gun” of bro-dom where society revels in their contributions to bass-backed booty-shakin’ reminiscent of the pop-of-your-youth sandwiched between the […]