Ben Folds Five: The Sound of the Life of the Mind

Some people go through life erecting informational barriers, filtering their otherwise unobstructed lifetime flow of knowledge & experience into reduced, albeit organized, columns of easily digestible & cataloged, binary stacks: This stack is good, this stack is bad; I’ll eat red food, I won’t eat blue food; These songs are sunshine for my ears, these […]

Brian Lopez: Ultra

They say its going to feel like 109° today in Cambridge, MA. And – as I have a pile of CDs waiting for me now that I’m back from the lovely West Coast – the ridiculous weather is pushing me straight towards the Brian Lopez albums that arrived from a baking Tucson, AZ (115° today). I requested […]

The Rosebuds: Night Of The Furies

I recently rediscovered this band. I can’t figure out why they ever left my regular rotation, too much other music to play I guess. The Rosebuds are another North Carolina band, we’ve had a few of those on here lately. There must be something in the tobacco down there. Formed in 2001, they sound a […]