LIVE! at The 1966 Berkeley Blues Festival & Zodico Blues & Boogie (1993)

Berkeley Blues Festival (1966) & Zodico Blues & Boogie (1993) Radio KAL invites you to enjoy the sounds of nineteen sixty-six from Harmon Gymnasium at the University of California, Berkeley with Mance, Clifton, and Lightning. Mance Lipscomb: What else can be said.. he’s a Choctaw-Texan blues songster who has had the ultimate honor of being […]

Creole Bred: a Tribute to Creole & Zydeco (2004)

Now that the word is out that Girls Just Want To Have Fun it’s good to know that Cyndi and her friends are interested in spreading the french-er word with this tribute album to the gentile house-party country counterpart of the modern drum-kit dance-music. Imagine this as the pop-gateway to high-humidity, spicy foods, and lyrics […]

The Carrière Brothers

Even a newborn, exiting the hospital via the elevator, is exposed to sounds piped through speakers.. unless of course you grew up in-between Houston and New Orleans, in towns like Jasper, and Eunice. While the new pavement of the divided highway 10 keeps most traffic at bay these days, only an age ago the 190 was […]

California Cajun Orchestra: Nonc Adam Two-Step

14 tracks of Franco-Cajun Zydeco & Folk never explain what ‘Nonc’ means beyond, “Let me listen to it all again.” In true two-step form, it’s difficult to sit still through just one song on this album and perhaps more difficult to resist pulling the Horner off the shelf to play along. While I could presume […]