Laura Gibson

A strange collection of women are behind this single visage of an artist. Laura Gibson play strange and homey sounds of folk on her records one at a time in her ’62 Shasta trailer, gone recording studio, presumably so she can escape her fans demanding mail or and chase her muse. Her Shasta apparently triples as a […]

Tucson Folk

This week I spent on the road enjoying the vistas and freedom of a desert road trip. Since the Old Pueblo is a lonesome wildcat of the South West, it’s culture rarely escapes past the surrounding desert winds and this visit seemed to be a great opportunity to explore some of the border-folk I’d missed […]

California Cajun Orchestra: Nonc Adam Two-Step

14 tracks of Franco-Cajun Zydeco & Folk never explain what ‘Nonc’ means beyond, “Let me listen to it all again.” In true two-step form, it’s difficult to sit still through just one song on this album and perhaps more difficult to resist pulling the Horner off the shelf to play along. While I could presume […]

Tiny Tim: Lost & Found 1963-1974

Cover photo by Baron Wolman for Secret Seven Records. Tiny Tim was, perhaps at the same time, both a mad-man and a genius. …depending on your tastes.  Lucky for us, TT recordings once thought lost forever have been tracked down and presented in all of their dusty glory. . San Francisco’s  Secret Seven Records has compiled a […]