Eb’s Camp Cookin’

Yarrrrrrrrrr. This be this authors first post on the PaisleyTunes blizzog. Cowboy beans on a metal tray with a wooden spoon? Just about. Eb’s Camp Cookin’ was recorded in Tucson way back in 2009 at the 17th Street Farmers Market. A delicious concoction of hippie, border and folk, Eb’s Camp Cookin’ is a band you […]

Los Lobos: Pappas Dream

Los Lobos are a group of Los Anglitos who broke the latin music scene with their uniquely Anglito lyrics, latin beats, and chicano centric musical attitudes. Themes of the barrio and a world that had yet to be well represented outside of the kicked-culture of Olvera Street and Super-Rocker Carlos Santana exploded onto the scene […]

Tucson Folk

This week I spent on the road enjoying the vistas and freedom of a desert road trip. Since the Old Pueblo is a lonesome wildcat of the South West, it’s culture rarely escapes past the surrounding desert winds and this visit seemed to be a great opportunity to explore some of the border-folk I’d missed […]