Los Lobos: Pappas Dream

Los Lobos are a group of Los Anglitos who broke the latin music scene with their uniquely Anglito lyrics, latin beats, and chicano centric musical attitudes. Themes of the barrio and a world that had yet to be well represented outside of the kicked-culture of Olvera Street and Super-Rocker Carlos Santana exploded onto the scene through these wolves.

Pappas Dream features Papa Lalo, 80 years old, telling the story of his latin-folk favorites, many now super-hits, via a floating journey over the chicano homeland. The album is slowed and simplified to serve as a step-stool to youth and a clear reminder to adults that rock roots all start with youthful intrigue of music and the world seen through stories and dreams translated into dance, lyric, and rhythm.

[itunes id=”120995917″].

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