Emily Loizeau: Mothers & Tygers

Emily Loizeau is French, and, not unlike our very own Jerracid, was born of mixed parents, who, simply through the logistics of raising a daughter with family spanning the English Channel, ultimately exposed her to a great deal of cultural diversity. Good for them. Loizeau’s music, while staid, is easy to listen to. She is […]

Eddie Vedder: Ukulele Songs

Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs elicited a modicum of push-back after its initial 2011 release. As expounded below: Hipsters believed hipsters were taking the humble ukulele too mainstream. This declaration led to a denunciation by hipster-hating-hipsters of pro-establishment-hipsters as a scourge on the earth and a simultaneous & cantankerous selloff of Keim-style DaSilva Mahogany Custom Concert Ukes on Craigslist […]