Emily Loizeau: Mothers & Tygers

Emily Loizeau is French, and, not unlike our very own Jerracid, was born of mixed parents, who, simply through the logistics of raising a daughter with family spanning the English Channel, ultimately exposed her to a great deal of cultural diversity. Good for them.

Loizeau’s music, while staid, is easy to listen to. She is a less moody Cat Power; An odd cross between Regina Spektor and Madeleine Peyroux – Regedeline Peyrektor; At times she may even pulls in the sounds of Paul Simon, Vampire Weekend, or .

Mothers & Tygers is her third album and is well produced. It’s certainly worth listening to if the last 10 posts have done nothing for you. Perhaps in the future, as fall turns to winter, PaisleyTunes will pull together a seasonal playlist, one for when the moribund autumn sky delivers only a fraction of the solar warmth required to stave off insanity & depression.

Until then, enjoy.

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