Charles Bradley: No Time For Dreaming

Blasko let me in on the Charles Bradley craze last year and I had a brief opportunity to see him here in Boston. “Sadly”, I was in California at the time and, while it’s rare for me to even consider it, I would have loved to have been back east to see him sing. Bradley is […]

Husky: Forever So

Of the many bands with un-google-able names, Husky is one of the few where the offense is forgivable. For, you see, Husky is named after frontman Husky Gawenda. Who, or what, Gawenda is named after we may never know. The Melbourne based band became the first Australian act signed to mighty Sub Pop Records last […]

Tall Tall Trees: Moment

The long brisk Alston night culminated in K Ishibashi sitting alone, completely exhausted, just outside the Harvard Ave & Commonwealth bus shelter. It was one in the morning and no busses would be arriving – but nobody seemed to care, fans milled about enthusiastically recalling another stunning performance. However this post isn’t about Kishi, it’s […]

Vudu Sister: Bastard Children

The final post from a trio of musicians seen this week at Club Passim regards Keith McCurdy. McCurdy plays in a handful of Rhode Island bands, the iteration we happened to see in Cambridge is called Vudu Sister. It’s just him: a guy with medium length wavy-blonde hair brushed back behind his ears, he’s wearing shorts […]

Denver Boot: 6 to 9, 7… 12

Perhaps this string of numbers: 6 to 9, 7… 12, is, in-fact, meaningful in Providence, RI – everywhere aside from the ocean state sees it as plus three and a damn good recording. The Denver Boot is typically that thing they jam on your car tire when you stop paying your myriad parking tickets. Yeah, I […]

Dan Blakeslee: Tatnic Tales

Stabarific & I wandered out Sunday evening to enjoy the only pleasant time of day here during the sizzling Cambridge summer: the night. We quaffed wheat beer and munched popcorn (covered in extra-butter) while enjoying Casablanca at the Brattle Theatre, Harvard Square’s local movie-house, then meandered to J.P Lick’s for some jimmied-up ice cream to compliment […]

King Charles: Loveblood

I took a trip to New Hampshire this weekend and grabbed a handful of CDs for the ride. Included in this pile (of course) were my most recent favorites: Kishi Bashi, Brian López, The Shins, The Beach Boys, and King Charles. Surprisingly, one of our pals riding along in the car mentioned that he had […]

Woody Guthrie: Library of Congress Recordings

Happy Fourth of July, PaisleyWorld. With everyone from the GOOG to NPR focusing on Woody Guthrie as our greatest national treasure, don’t think that we’re going to drop the ball. Actually, instead of posting about anything in particular, we’re taking most the day off. Enjoy your holiday. [itunes id=”2603434″].  

King Charles: Daytrotter Session

Not to step on ShuaiBaJ’s toes, but one of my current favorites stopped by Daytrotter this morning (9am EST) and gifted the world three more simple gems. Since releasing his first full-length album, Loveblood (which apparently we never reviewed!?), King Charles has been continuing his never-ending European tour and, as he is European, we cannot […]