Evolfo Doofeht: The Food of Love

Act One, Scene One (Duke Orsino’s Palace): Enter Duke Orsino, Curio, and other Lords (Musicians Attending): Duke Orsino: If music be the food of love.. play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die. 

Kishi Bashi: 7″ Box Set (Limited Edition)

Seems the folks over at Joyful Noise have produced another beautiful box set and, as is their tradition, it’s a limited edition (naturally). What’s special about this one? It’s Kishi Bashi! JN‘s exciting description: Announcing… three elaborate 7″ singles from Kishi Bashi! Each of the three releases features a single from Kishi Bashi‘s acclaimed debut […]

Isto (Lumber-Jack Isto), AKA: Chris White: Web-Videos

While searching around the internet, scouting for interesting spots to visit in New York City, I came across a wooly mammoth of a man with a penchant for guitar and a knack for the absurd. His stark comic stylings remind me so much of a few of our PaisleyMembers that I decided he must be […]

Celebrate The PaisleyBlog’s One Year Anniversary!

That’s right, not only is Christmas rapidly approaching but, a mere 2,010 years and four days after the (approximate) birth of Jesus, we celebrate another momentous occasion: the birth of the PaisleyTunes blog. With the coming celebration and as an end of the year wrap-up, we will be hosting a digital awards ceremony in which […]

Dan Blakeslee: The Holiday Fair & Your Christmas Companion

Local hero, Dan Blakeslee, has released two holiday albums over the years: The Holiday Fair in 2008 and Your Christmas Companion in 2006. Naturally, these albums are distributed quite local to the blustery Northeast and therefore it is up to the PaisleyBlog to introduce them to the West & Southwest. When I picked these albums […]

Kishi Bashi: It’s Christmas But It’s Not White In Our Town

Despite the sporadic sunshine peering through PaisleyEast’s Cotton Street headquarters, it is, in fact, December and that means time for holiday over saturation! First up, Kishi Bashi’s minute and change Macy’s ad of a tune – perfect for anyone who enjoys Christmas music but not much. I can’t help but think that K is attempting […]

Pat Roberts & The Heymakers: Creep

No, I haven’t been taking a break, I just wanted Cruzzer’s first post ever to get some serious time at the top of the page (given he may never post again). Let’s start it off nice and slow, with Pat Roberts & The Heymakers – A little honky-tonk group right out of Cruzzer’s backyard in […]

Calexico: Algiers

Speaking of Tucson… …wait, we weren’t? Speaking of Tucson, Calexico has released a new album that is yippy-skippy fantastic, and in addition they have included a live version of the entire record as a bonus. The bonus disc, entitled Spiritoso, was recorded a long way out of Tucson, during the bands 2011 European tour, while […]

Emily Loizeau: Mothers & Tygers

Emily Loizeau is French, and, not unlike our very own Jerracid, was born of mixed parents, who, simply through the logistics of raising a daughter with family spanning the English Channel, ultimately exposed her to a great deal of cultural diversity. Good for them. Loizeau’s music, while staid, is easy to listen to. She is […]

Ben Folds Five: The Sound of the Life of the Mind

Some people go through life erecting informational barriers, filtering their otherwise unobstructed lifetime flow of knowledge & experience into reduced, albeit organized, columns of easily digestible & cataloged, binary stacks: This stack is good, this stack is bad; I’ll eat red food, I won’t eat blue food; These songs are sunshine for my ears, these […]