Evolfo Doofeht: The Food of Love

Act One, Scene One (Duke Orsino’s Palace):

Enter Duke Orsino, Curio, and other Lords (Musicians Attending):

Duke Orsino:

If music be the food of love.. play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die. 

Act Two, Scene One (The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA):

Enter T-Blas & Company, Stabarific, Architorture, and myriad revelers (Evolfo Doofeht performing on stage):


Dammith, these fellows are tearing here venue to it’s very foundation; Excess surely be given, it flow without ebb, yet appetite devours and we proffer no compunction… None pinched.


The Tee-Bler Elf (friends & family in tow) invited Stabarific and me to a sold out show at Harvard Square’s newest venue, The Sinclair. After a handful of drinks, sponsored by Mama-Bler, the baddest mama on Nantucket Island & Eastern Seaboard, we wandered into the show (fashionable confused). Lo and behold, Evolfo Doofeht.

This is a band that must be witnessed.

Hybridizing funk, jam, rock, nuts-o, dance & disco (similar to San Francisco’s beautifully tall Scissors for Lefty), Evolfo (self- described gypsies) requires action, for only the effervescence of motion can consume the musicaloric intake; without bounce, surfeiting, the listener will sicken, and so die.

Check them out at their Bandcamp for a remarkably affordable $5 album, or, if you live in the Bean-Town area (and your house has yet to collapse from snow), message them on F*Book and find out the next time they are playing, you will be better for it.

And now you know.

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1 thought on “Evolfo Doofeht: The Food of Love

  1. What is a deep flop?
    Also, thank you. This is a style of music I enjoy getting used to.

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