Plume Giant: Callithump

The snow fell the duration of the weekend. We hid ourselves away Friday, peering through smeared window panes, as inches upon inches of crystalized oblivion piled upon the landscape.

With the snowfall came statewide directorials: NO DRIVING… until Sunday morning.

No problem. Our plans were few; Saunter to Harvard Square’s newest nickelodeon, The Sinclair, and behold the spectacle of Kishi Bashi & Plume Giant. They would be driving up from New York City and …  ack …driving!  

Curses! Fie be to you Saint Medard, why have you forsaken us? Overbearing ivory devil’s fluff, so soon your manifest charms sour into slushy and vengeful arrogance! Such is the hubristic horror being wrought upon us from the ominous skies above!

Well, enough of that.

What we missed this weekend was the relaxed harmonizations of Plume Giant, an Ivy League trio currently based in Ba-Ba-Ba-Brooklyn. (For those of you sick of East Coast pretentions (is that a word? (can I parentheses within parentheses?)), yeah, well, we all are (no, probably not (of course, it’s a blog, relax)) but these guys (and girl) are way too cool-folksy-charming to be actual east coast, they seem more mid-west.. and at that point can you blame them for wanting to find something better and naturally ending up in Brooklyn? San Francisco is the only other reasonable option available to them and it’s 2,600 miles away from Connecticut. (anyway)) This band is pretty darn good and, although I was withholding this post (and my judgement (more parentheses? (yes))) until after seeing them live, now that they have been postponed, I’ve decided they are too talented to file away in the PaisleyArchive.

Our readers deserve the best right now!

Plume Giant has one full length album (Callithump, 2012), one eponymous EP (2010), and, of course, a Daytrotter Session (2012). Top to bottom these three are solid and, storm be damned, I wish I could have seen them this weekend.

Also, PaisleyReaders, do me a favor and listen to the track Honey Pie off the EP.  The melody is so familiar but I can’t place why.. help. Check out their website/Daytrotter/Bandcamp. Plume Giant is only traveling as far as Salt Lake City with Kishi Bashi this tour, so most likely you will need to travel East to see them, that is, if the weather allows it.

And now you know.


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1 thought on “Plume Giant: Callithump

  1. Such a wonderful sound they make! Wonderful vocals, a great mix of instruments and whimsical lyrics to boot. Will be putting this on repeat for a while.

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