Red Baraat: Shruggy Ji

What do you have when you mix five horn players (one saxophone, one trumpet, one bass trumpet, one trombone, and one sousaphone), three drummers (one percussionist, one drummer, and one dhal player), and a bit of sun (one Sunny Jain, and one Sonny Singh)?

Bhangra g0-g0 superstars Red Baraat, the number one act on the Billboard Weekly World Chart and the first, second, & ninth albums on the iTunes World Music Chart.

Red Baraat is an accomplished group, having played Mardi Gras in New Orleans, at their own TED talk, , to close the London ParaOlympic Games, for the White House, for the Nobel Prize committee/recipients, for Google, and most recently, for Stabarific & me in Harvard Square. They’ll be at Slim’s (SF) tomorrow, February 14th, and back in New Orleans March 24th (free), amongst other events.

The highlight for me was watching Sonny Singh sing with such wide-eyed passion. Although I could rarely understand any of the lyrics, I couldn’t help but be caught up in his enthusiasm. Singh, who has a master’s in Social Justice Education, devotes his time both within & outside his musical career advancing human rights and writing for peace activist publications (and posse comitatus turned politburo turned narcissisticfacebooktwitterfashionbullshitblog, HuffPo).

I highly recommend this band for anyone suffering from Netflix Induced Bollywood Syndrome (NIBS), folks who want to learn to Bhangra dance, and anyone who just plain enjoys great tunes. Red Baraat turns it straight to eleven.

And now you know.

[itunes id=”589920957″]

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