Red Baraat: Shruggy Ji

What do you have when you mix five horn players (one saxophone, one trumpet, one bass trumpet, one trombone, and one sousaphone), three drummers (one percussionist, one drummer, and one dhal player), and a bit of sun (one Sunny Jain, and one Sonny Singh)? Bhangra g0-g0 superstars Red Baraat, the number one act on the […]

Dan Blakeslee (AKA Doctor Gasp): Halloween Special

It’s fall at the Tunes’ Eastern Headquarters. Brrrrrrrr. That means the leaves are turning Paisley, everything formally delicious will, for the next six months, have sweet potatoes or yams on it, and yours-truly is actively making plans to escape before winter sets in. However, it also means that it’s time to listen to Dan Blakeslee‘s […]

PaisleyBlog Feels the Love

A surprise gift arrived in the PaisleyTunes East Headquarters mail-slot this week: A beautiful note wrapped in fitting frogvelope clothing AND a Scout Book notebook that became instantly useful as a “Bands to Review” catalog. This is why PaisleyTunes readers are the very best. And due to the mutual love felt between El País (us not the […]

George Harrison: Early Takes, Volume 1

Of all the Beatles, George Harrison is easily the most sympathetic. Unlike Paul & John, George was quiet and introspective, his music was visceral and sincere. Harrison’s only son, Dhani, confessed last year in an interview with Rolling Stone that for a long time growing up he had no idea that his father was one […]

Washroom Washups.

Poor Stanfurd couldn’t finish. Even Cal fans rooted. And, yes, we pitty the 19 year-old.  But perhaps had he attended the best PUBLIC institution in the world, rather than wasting his time kicking chickens down on the private farm, he would have sunk one of those three threes. Go Bears, Go Pac-12.  Furd, you make […]