Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Always With Us

Paul Simon‘s one-and-only Graceland is the defining album of my childhood. More than any other music, those 11 tracks transport me back to our rickety Volkswagen bus: the brothers “grab-assing” as we slowly traversed the arid Central Valley – Yosemite so close, yet so far for an incorrigible seven-year-old. From 1986 on, there was one […]

Sing the Songs Of Fabric

As PaisleyTunes celebrates it’s second year afloat in the great sea-net, we amazed to reflect on the community of readers we’ve built. Today, we’re happy to announce the unveiling of our True intent. The exploration of Fabric and design. PaisleyTunes, was started as an opportunity for us to write about our love for the weaves […]

Red Baraat: Shruggy Ji

What do you have when you mix five horn players (one saxophone, one trumpet, one bass trumpet, one trombone, and one sousaphone), three drummers (one percussionist, one drummer, and one dhal player), and a bit of sun (one Sunny Jain, and one Sonny Singh)? Bhangra g0-g0 superstars Red Baraat, the number one act on the […]

PSY and his Gangnam Style

I know, I know, we’ve all heard this song already. PSY and his Gangnam Style, horse-dancing madness have reached 260 million people on YouTube, or at least 1 million people have watched it about 260 times. I know the Woolseyites have added about 50 views to that total, and from the live concert versions I’ve […]

Django Reinhardt: Swing De Paris

What I’m Listening To Today: Django Reinhardt: Swing De Paris. In 1970, Bob Dylan sang that he “went to see the gypsy”. It’s been proposed that Dylan was referring to “The King” when he said “he did it in Las Vegas and he can do it here”. Elvis Presley had recently staged a comeback, resurrecting […]

The Golden Record

In 1977 the world was unique, seemingly culturally disparate and in perpetual tension. Industry had flooded the rivers with poison, the rivers had dried with consumption, consumption had fueled social revolution, social revolution created tension, tension is protectionism, and protectionism created war. In the mean time, Planet Earth was exactly 150 793 049 km away from the sun, a […]

Orgone Accumulators: An Aleatorial Mathematical Approach to Deciphering the Radio Broadcasts of Ancient Astronauts

All this Penguin talk reminded me of another kooky band that covered Walk Don’t Run, the Orgone Accumulators. As some of you may know, the Accumulators don’t actually make music, they mearly capture and translate alien signals being broadcast from the Sirius constellation to a “shadowy creature lurking in the depths of Loch Ness”. Consider […]

Tinariwen: Tassili

Time to visit a desert oasis deep in the Malian Sahara. This group was founded by Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, a man who, as a child, witnessed the murder of his father in a Mali uprising and built his first guitar from local garbage. He was trained to fight in wars and revolutions in the 1980s, first […]