Sing the Songs Of Fabric

As PaisleyTunes celebrates it’s second year afloat in the great sea-net, we amazed to reflect on the community of readers we’ve built. Today, we’re happy to announce the unveiling of our True intent. The exploration of Fabric and design. PaisleyTunes, was started as an opportunity for us to write about our love for the weaves […]

The Jaunting Martyrs

You’re listening to PaisleyTunes Saturday (a while back) PaisleyTunes West celebrated the rise of the proletariate and the fall of the French Imperial Bastille. In keeping with traditions, by all standards I’m aware of, drumming sensation Jimi McToothpaste led the anthems of the all day wine and cheese festival, as his entourage of rapscallions, The Jaunting Martyrs, […]

PaisleyBlog Feels the Love

A surprise gift arrived in the PaisleyTunes East Headquarters mail-slot this week: A beautiful note wrapped in fitting frogvelope clothing AND a Scout Book notebook that became instantly useful as a “Bands to Review” catalog. This is why PaisleyTunes readers are the very best. And due to the mutual love felt between El País (us not the […]

PaisleyTunes Buyout.

Dear Reader, This morning we received a phone call from Inter-Blog Corp. Because of the consistency and quality of content, they’ve made a buy out offer that we cannot refuse. PaisleyTunes will be closing it’s doors starting today as we migrate our staff to the Inter-Blog Corp headquarters in New Deli. Thank you all for your loyalty.   […]

Crazy Laguna

Laguna Canyon was a wild place in the late 60’s, once home to Timothy Leary’s band of drug culture followers that camped out down there. I once knew a man (major developer by the time I met him) who’s daughter was corrupted by Timothy Leary’s preachings. He packed up his .45 and went down to […]

Horace Pickett: I Don’t Know the Man

After a little poking around the net I discovered that The Torn ACLs have released two new albums since I picked up their first EP, Cedar By the Sea, in 2009. Anyone who has listened to my playlists for more than a few days will know that I regularly insert Reputation at top volume, because I […]

Toll Eight.

Spicy oil on my pasta makes me dance, looking at books in the library gives me the chance to pick up a disc, or two or eight, to read and listen and to celebrate. So I’ve picked some labels that I was looking for. And I picked some labels I’d never seen before. A title […]