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Saturday (a while back) PaisleyTunes West celebrated the rise of the proletariate and the fall of the French Imperial Bastille. In keeping with traditions, by all standards I’m aware of, drumming sensation Jimi McToothpaste led the anthems of the all day wine and cheese festival, as his entourage of rapscallions, The Jaunting Martyrs, albiet a trifle behind schedule due to some necessary cultural napping requirements, filled in the necessary musical interludes required by a solo percussionists.

Their gypsy sounds delighted.  Carlos El Munoz Kampff sustained the tonal rhythm with the loaner 3/4 acoustic bass, Brendan O’Loughlin’s fingers floated across his Gibson knock-off fret-board, Justine Lucas dazzled us with her swift transitions of fiddle to mandolin and back again, while Margarita Licon’s muted trumpet and juggling performances wooed the young audience with they’re mystery and magic. After two short, but fulfilling sets, the Martyrs packed up their electrics and moved inside for an acoustic session gone drum circle, where Dancin’ Sam enjoyed cameos on each of the whimsical instruments, contributing brightly, and LoBears gave a true-to-form, less the stripping, djembe solo.

For the first time ever, because of intimate access to the band, PaisleyTunes’ in-house, on-scene, recording technicians were able to capture the show in it’s entirety in a full hi-def 10-point digital master-ready audio file. Sadly, due to a poorly executed wager, after two too many during the after-party at The Graduate,  the tapes were lost. Fortunately, a PaisleyTunes  intern had also captured the show on their hand-me-down smart phone. We’ve included those recordings here, one-hundred percent unMastered, unLeveled, and exclusively for our PaisleyTunes audience.

They’re Bay Area friendly and ready for more gigs. Look ’em up, and give ’em a ring.

DOWNLOAD The Bastille Day Recording – July 14th, 2012: (Track Listing as PaisleyTunes Intern #8 named them)

Disc 1 – Plugged Performance, Live & Loud,

  1. PaisleyTunes, I Like The Sound of That
  2. Lonesome Outing
  3. Silver > Bella Cow
  4. A Flying Trapeese Manifesto
  5. CD Suitcase Jam > Dark Eyes
  6. After Show Review
  7. Bonnie Banks O’ Loch Lomond

Disc 2 – Acoustic Performance, Acoustic Rambling.

  1. The Pirate’s Curse
  2. Get Out
  3. Get Out – Part 2
  4. Early Departures
  5. Tiggy, My Love Is For You
  6. Late Arrivals
  7. Friend Teased
  8. Friend Discussed
  9. Friend Of The Devil
  10. A Reel Community
  11. Sheep’s Foot Shaw’d
  12. Muddy Waters Run Clear Again
  13. Battle of the Bastille
  14. Battle Quiet – Music Break
  15. Rockets and Flares
  16. Walk With Me
  17. Down Below
  18. Breakdown & Goodnight

They have also released a Live Album Recorded At The Following Locations: The Viracocha, San Francisco, CA – April, 2011; The Red Devil – March, 2012; Jambalya Arcata – January, 2012; El Rio, San Francisco, CA – February, 2012; Brainwash Cafe – May, 2011; Vitus, Oakland, CA – March, 2012; Jambalaya Arcata – January, 2012. – We’re currently experiencing technological failures getting this album up and online.

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3 thoughts on “The Jaunting Martyrs

  1. Hopefully this post represents the first of many to come PaisleyProduced ventures. What better way to kick off the sessions than with home grown Bay Area talent. Hats off to the West Coast office for pulling this off despite the loss of the master tapes (Damn you Graduate!).

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  2. Thank you for this beautiful report–captures the feeling of the whole night wonderfully. Can’t wait to see what’s next…

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  3. awaiting moderation? moderate this assholes!

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