Support Their Talents

I love hearing your tunes and reading your posts, and love your passion for sharing new, obscure tunes with your family, friends, and friends of friends. I’m also happy I fall in your short list of friends, since otherwise life would suck. But as your good friend I want to ask, by allowing us to […]

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside: Dirty Radio

I figure Kira is about to post this since she’s “in the know” down in Santa Cruz, the Portland of California. The most interesting thing about The Outside Sound, besides being this epoch’s Squirrel Nut Zippers, is that they have a member named Sallie Ford and Ford Tennis.  That is pretty awesome. I really enjoy […]

Washroom Washups.

Poor Stanfurd couldn’t finish. Even Cal fans rooted. And, yes, we pitty the 19 year-old.  But perhaps had he attended the best PUBLIC institution in the world, rather than wasting his time kicking chickens down on the private farm, he would have sunk one of those three threes. Go Bears, Go Pac-12.  Furd, you make […]

The Birth of the Center of the Musical Universe.

The year 2012 marks a new era for your music.  Please welcome the future nucleus of our collective musical ramblings.  If you are already a member of this group, congratulations.  If not, find a friend who is and demand to join.  Rather than our old system of forced bombardment, PaisleyTunes will tempt you with prose […]