Crover, Plummer, & Willis: Hew Time

It was 1952 when jazz impresario Norman Granz (founder of Verve records) recruited Gene Krupa to join Buddy Rich in his long running Jazz at the Philharmonic series. After the two played together for a few months, Granz envisioned a captivating drum-off, the two super-stars battling it out in a spectacular exhibition, which ultimately proved so popular […]

Scott Bradlee: Mashups By Candlelight

A few of our most popular contributors are traveling this weekend for romantic Valentines Day get-a-ways so, in the spirit of romance, PaisleyBlog demands that you listen to Scott Bradlee (Yes, demands! This is the era of 50 Shades of Grey after-all). Bradlee is a virtuoso, contract piano player out of the Big Apple with sardonic […]

Django Reinhardt: Swing De Paris

What I’m Listening To Today: Django Reinhardt: Swing De Paris. In 1970, Bob Dylan sang that he “went to see the gypsy”. It’s been proposed that Dylan was referring to “The King” when he said “he did it in Las Vegas and he can do it here”. Elvis Presley had recently staged a comeback, resurrecting […]

Ella & Louis: The Complete… On Verve

What I’m Listening to Tonight: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: The Complete Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong On Verve. While this is something that I have had for a while (late 90’s I think), I shouldn’t always have to talk about new music should I? ShuaibaJ told me that I need to type at least […]

Bob Brozman: Devil’s Slide

Slide Guitars vs. Slide Whistles? Both, together? I wish. Bob Brozman’s light-fair blues album Devil’s Slide (1988) could only be made better by the latter and is a perfect demonstration of the former. The album also magnifies the prohibition-model muted horns and maestro man-call music. So that’s interesting. But the blues instrumentals are the true […]

Attila: Self Titled

After tangentially mentioning the band Attila in an earlier post, I decided to give their album, also named Attila, a more in-depth listen. It is an amazing album. Amazing that it exists and amazing that it is not more well known. While a heavy shadow has been cast over this short-lived band by the negative reviews […]