Crover, Plummer, & Willis: Hew Time

It was 1952 when jazz impresario Norman Granz (founder of Verve records) recruited Gene Krupa to join Buddy Rich in his long running Jazz at the Philharmonic series. After the two played together for a few months, Granz envisioned a captivating drum-off, the two super-stars battling it out in a spectacular exhibition, which ultimately proved so popular the event was replicated in future JATP shows, on television, and in two studio albums, the first of which, Krupa & Rich, inspired my early drumming days.

While Krupa & Rich may have inspired many of today’s drummers, Dale Crover, Coady Willis, & Joe Plummer cite Max Roach as their principle inspiration:

I heard Max Roach’s M’Boom 14 years ago and I’ve wanted to make my own version with drummers I love ever since. Dale, Coady and I carved out our own compositions built from a combination of drum kits and dozens of percussion instruments. I couldn’t be prouder of the end result. Thank you for the inspiration Mr. Max Roach. It’s Hew Time! – Joe Plummer

The group is releasing their three man drum opus, Hew Time, on April 15th, and it may very well turn out to be the seminal masterpiece of the jazz/rock drum virtuosoes.

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1 thought on “Crover, Plummer, & Willis: Hew Time

  1. These slow-drum-jams are a different stroke of the hyper-drive Kruppa & Rich I thought I knew.. up-ward and on-ward

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