Mumtaz Mahal

The most beautiful woman in the world is dead and above her sits the a grandiose white wonder. Her name is Mumtaz Mahal and Water Lilies surround her mausoleum. This is a tribute in effect to her beautiful memory.

You two can pay tribute.

Here’s how:



1 Particle Collider, Large Sized

1 4 HP BlendTec, Oversized.


1 Cajun Blues Rambler, Taj Mahal

1 Indian Carnatic Composer, N. Ravikiran

1 Indi-fusion Superstar,  V.M. Bhatt

– –

Combine ingredients into BlendTec on chop for 30 seconds. Place results into the large sized particle collider and set to tea-time. Acquire crumpets, cakes and enjoy.


[itunes id=”489804289″].

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