Real Estate: Days

An exquisitely crisp, clear December morning requires music of an equally elegant articulation.  Real Estate has managed to press a stunningly appropriate album for just such a day. I understand that you’re apt to know: this album was released in October!  But hear me out, Real Estate is based within the frigid eastern state of […]

Phish: Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97

To choose a favorite show from within the ever expanding catalog of live Phish shows requires one of two things: either an intimate knowledge spanning venues, playlists, recording quality, audience involvement, and on and on and on…   or, nothing.  It is completely acceptable to choose a favorite based solely on the fact that you […]

Paint Your Wagon: Greatest Musical of All Time?

Once you get past Maria (pronounced mar-eye-ah), possibly one of my least favorite songs on earth, 1969’s Paint Your Wagon should be considered “one of the greatest musicals of all time”.  Take this clip for example: Now, some people don’t like California as much as the rest of us, but it seems to me that Lee […]

Tiny Tim: Lost & Found 1963-1974

Cover photo by Baron Wolman for Secret Seven Records. Tiny Tim was, perhaps at the same time, both a mad-man and a genius. …depending on your tastes.  Lucky for us, TT recordings once thought lost forever have been tracked down and presented in all of their dusty glory. . San Francisco’s  Secret Seven Records has compiled a […]

The Birth of the Center of the Musical Universe.

The year 2012 marks a new era for your music.  Please welcome the future nucleus of our collective musical ramblings.  If you are already a member of this group, congratulations.  If not, find a friend who is and demand to join.  Rather than our old system of forced bombardment, PaisleyTunes will tempt you with prose […]