Real Estate: Days

An exquisitely crisp, clear December morning requires music of an equally elegant articulation.  Real Estate has managed to press a stunningly appropriate album for just such a day.

I understand that you’re apt to know: this album was released in October!  But hear me out, Real Estate is based within the frigid eastern state of New Jersey..  and, i’m just guessing here, but isn’t a Jersey October pretty similar to a San Francisco, December.  I believe is is quite possible that the entire album was predicated on just such a day.

The album itself is pure, as if an early a Tears for Fears album was completely stripped of everything but a floating melody.  And it’s certainly hip, stirring together cozy surf-esque guitars and European monochromatic vocals.

Anyway, if you find yourself awake early on a sun warmed, lace-doily, December 31st, queue up some Real Estate and pour yourself a drink from the hip, stir.

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