Kishi Bashi: It’s Christmas But It’s Not White In Our Town

Despite the sporadic sunshine peering through PaisleyEast’s Cotton Street headquarters, it is, in fact, December and that means time for holiday over saturation!

First up, Kishi Bashi’s minute and change Macy’s ad of a tune – perfect for anyone who enjoys Christmas music but not much.

I can’t help but think that K is attempting to release another potential commercial tune after his success with Microsoft & Bright Whites. Of course, Bright Whites is full of tantalizing hooks, each one clawing their way into the brain until fully embedded deep within the cortex. It remains to be seen if It’s Christmas But It’s Not White In Our Town will climb to the same heights as any of the singles off 151a, as the faintly memorable holiday harmonies never seem to fully coalesce. Perhaps the lofting notes’ flight patterns require a few additional minutes to complete the soaring loops often heard in Kishi’s now famous works.

While it takes longer to read the title than to listen to the song, it’s enjoyable. Yet I am still holding out hope that Mr. Ishibashi is squirreling away an extended version – planning for a later-date, pre-Christmas release for his myriad new fans.

Oh, also this song was released as a limited edition, “Pay-What-You-Want” single on the Joyful Noise website with all profits donated to Ear Candy, an Arizona based non-profit that reconditions donated instruments, providing them to underprivileged “schools in need”. Get yourself a copy before they sell out!

And now you know.


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