Husky: Forever So

Of the many bands with un-google-able names, Husky is one of the few where the offense is forgivable. For, you see, Husky is named after frontman Husky Gawenda. Who, or what, Gawenda is named after we may never know.

The Melbourne based band became the first Australian act signed to mighty Sub Pop Records last year (which is how I stumbled across them) and quickly utilized the label to release their first album, Forever So. Conceived and recorded completely down under, Forever So was mixed in sunny Los Angeles, released July 10th, and complimented by a recently concluded US tour.

Husky is a thoughtful pop band, much like Sam Prekop / The Sea and Cake or Kings of Convenience, they are a mellowly worthy addition to a contemplative afternoon. Introspection seems to come naturally to Gawenda, who spent his time in San Francisco reading between the narrow aisles of City Lights Bookstore. While Husky may be the antithesis of The Beautiful Girls, the last band I saw out of Australia (minus whoever was at Boston’s House of Blues last year), they are none-the-less supremely talented and deserving of attention.

And so I lowered myself into the icy water, looking up at the turkey vultures riding the thermals above me, and felt that liberating humility that you feel when you realize you are part of nature, that the deer and you and every other living thing are the same and felt, as the deer and the salmon swimming upstream must also feel, the life force of the spring snow melt flowing down through the Sierra Nevada into California like the great throbbing veins of America.

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  1. Ohhh.. I love the instrumental. I have to say I really like these guys.

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