Magic Arm: Put Your Collar Up EP

PaisleyTunes has been a fan of Jim Noir (AKA: Alan Roberts)┬ásince the beginning of time. Of course we follow his tweets, don’t even joke around. So, when perpetually melodramatic Noir announced via Twitter that he would no longer be making music because of Magic Arm – well, I thought either: A) Magic Arm is the […]

The Intelligence: Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me

Where is the threshold beyond which lies cacophony? Slightly proud of the discordant horizon lies frenetic, post-punk-garage-rockers The Intelligence, a mish-mash mix of artists pulled together by the oscillations of a star spinning between Los Angeles and Seattle. Lars Finberg is responsible for the insane level of output, 14 singles/splits/eps & 8 full albums since […]

Camera Obscura: Let’s Get Out Of This Country

I admit it, I’m a little obsessed with Camera Obscura even though I cannot give a single specific reason why. Their music is subdued, the lyrics should appeal more to a teenage girl than a typical grown man, Tracyanne Campell’s slight accent is nearly unplaceable (though I know they’re from Scotland), and sometimes it seems […]