The Futureheads: Rant

There are the haters:

It’s been called “a stunt. It’s been called “a novelty record”.

And there are the lovers:

“Beautiful in the Buff”, they shout! Slate proclaims, “it’s certainly not a novelty record”.

British punk-rockers, The Futureheads, most recent release, Rant, is how the band is announcing that they’re no longer “British punk-rockers”. From hence forth, The Futureheads are musicians, musicians who do whatever they damn-well please. A position much respected within the Paisley Walls.

If you listen to each of The Futureheads’ records secretly pining for a second Hounds of Love, this album will increase your longing to include twelve additional tracks. If you hate when your favorite band releases an LP that instantly expands the fan-base beyond just you, stop listening to music, stub your toe on the nearest debris strewn curb and fall down a dimly-lit, piss-filled, concrete stairwell, as Rant is sure to make you kill yourself anyway.

Oh, and The Black Eyed Peas suck. It takes an amazing band to resurrect one of their kindergarden R&B-pop-crap travesties from the depths of egg-sucking sell-out hell into the pure glory exhibited on Rant.

At lease that’s this guy’s opinion. And now you know.

[itunes id=”512760915″].

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