The Two Man Gentlemen Band

As The PaisleyTunes West Intern #10b delivered my hand made peanut butter sandwhich smothered in golden honey from a local Berkeley, California apiary, The Two Man Gentleman Band came on the wireless and set my iced tea into a boiling frenzy of enthusiasm. Their timeless stage presence and jazzy modern-folk tunes balances their indelibly close-to-home lyrical realities […]

The Jaunting Martyrs

You’re listening to PaisleyTunes Saturday (a while back) PaisleyTunes West celebrated the rise of the proletariate and the fall of the French Imperial Bastille. In keeping with traditions, by all standards I’m aware of, drumming sensation Jimi McToothpaste led the anthems of the all day wine and cheese festival, as his entourage of rapscallions, The Jaunting Martyrs, […]

Sands Hall

Sands Hall is a California native, who’s deep Bay Area roots were fed by freedom, empowerment, and expression. She’s an artist of every kind, writing and performing in theater and music for decades. Not necessarily an up and coming, Sands music carries the gravity of a burden bound generation emphatic that so long as we’ve got one […]

Fishin’ Hole Theme – 1960

Boob-tube hero Andy Griffith has died today. Griffith stood tall as a model citizen and right as a compassionate and firm hollywood father. We will miss him but will never forget the purpose his show gave Herbert W. Spencer, Earle Hagen, and Everett Solane and the resounding impact of their collaborative endeavor on generations, far beyond those […]

Alex Winston

Imagine the cusp of one of the worst and most defeating arguments you could ever find yourself in with a young independent fiery female. As her emotion radiates and ballons the bubble of impact, you head implodes under the pressure of the ensuing critical mass. “Don’t cry.” “But don’t make me cry either..” and her exclamation hasn’t […]


Another Daytrotter pick, the Los Angeles based California band, Allah-Las, were just another one of the many until their annoying familiarity struck me. With clean simple guitar, no back-beat, and audible arm-chair vocals, they’re reminiscent (to this author) of Mick Jagger and his Stones. Beyond my general annoyance with the droning of The Rolling Stones, I’m happy to […]

Justin Townes Earle

You guessed it, they’re related. Justin Townes Earle, son of famed Steve Earle by his third wife of a 2008 count showing seven, sings songs on par with the twang we appreciate in the elder. A little raking however, uncovers a great deal of muck with this character. Almost too much.  As the stories and […]

The Ultimate Bearhug

While browsing the internets, I thought I’d catch up on the musings of an old buddy, Guitaradcliff. To my great relief, he’s still deep in the music scene, writing, playing, producing, and most helpful, listening. While I pondered the ramifications of posting Birdman’s Tin Soldier (2000) on his page, I poked about his recommendations and found this Southern California Group, […]

Laura Gibson

A strange collection of women are behind this single visage of an artist. Laura Gibson play strange and homey sounds of folk on her records one at a time in her ’62 Shasta trailer, gone recording studio, presumably so she can escape her fans demanding mail or and chase her muse. Her Shasta apparently triples as a […]

The Golden Record

In 1977 the world was unique, seemingly culturally disparate and in perpetual tension. Industry had flooded the rivers with poison, the rivers had dried with consumption, consumption had fueled social revolution, social revolution created tension, tension is protectionism, and protectionism created war. In the mean time, Planet Earth was exactly 150 793 049 km away from the sun, a […]

PaisleyTunes Buyout.

Dear Reader, This morning we received a phone call from Inter-Blog Corp. Because of the consistency and quality of content, they’ve made a buy out offer that we cannot refuse. PaisleyTunes will be closing it’s doors starting today as we migrate our staff to the Inter-Blog Corp headquarters in New Deli. Thank you all for your loyalty.   […]