Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Every once in a while, I avoid the cat videos and strange stories about human deformity on YouTube, and stumble upon some great new music. As a beekeeper myself, I couldn’t help but be drawn to her band name, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. Aly Spaltro, the lady, is a soulful, tiny girl from Maine who […]

Sands Hall

Sands Hall is a California native, who’s deep Bay Area roots were fed by freedom, empowerment, and expression. She’s an artist of every kind, writing and performing in theater and music for decades. Not necessarily an up and coming, Sands music carries the gravity of a burden bound generation emphatic that so long as we’ve got one […]

Alex Winston

Imagine the cusp of one of the worst and most defeating arguments you could ever find yourself in with a young independent fiery female. As her emotion radiates and ballons the bubble of impact, you head implodes under the pressure of the ensuing critical mass. “Don’t cry.” “But don’t make me cry either..” and her exclamation hasn’t […]

The Ultimate Bearhug

While browsing the internets, I thought I’d catch up on the musings of an old buddy, Guitaradcliff. To my great relief, he’s still deep in the music scene, writing, playing, producing, and most helpful, listening. While I pondered the ramifications of posting Birdman’s Tin Soldier (2000) on his page, I poked about his recommendations and found this Southern California Group, […]

Quadron: Self Titled

My first post! What inspired this magical, momentous occasion, you ask? ADELE. My extreme hatred for this woman’s music and, even more, for her cult following. Her relationship boo-hoo’s and “I’m large and still beautiful” persona was (and is) too much for me to handle, so I was on a mission to find another full-figured lady with a […]

Kris Delmhorst: Songs For A Hurricane

When it’s spelled with a K, it’s a woman. This is not a steadfast rule, but for Kris Delmhorst, it is. To use the term ‘Chick Rock’ loosely, Kris seems to fit the bill. The typical drum and guitar accompaniment gives the listener the security of familiarity while vocalist Kris divulges the emotionally heavy lyrics […]