Alex Winston

Imagine the cusp of one of the worst and most defeating arguments you could ever find yourself in with a young independent fiery female. As her emotion radiates and ballons the bubble of impact, you head implodes under the pressure of the ensuing critical mass. “Don’t cry.” “But don’t make me cry either..” and her exclamation hasn’t even reached AC/DC levels. Alex Winston’s music is her voice and her voice is this terror. A wonderful terror, evolutionarily reminiscent of early-stage SinoPop.

Originally from Detroit, she’s managed to get herself centralized on the scene, transporting her voice and her vissage across the Atlantic for collaborative recording sessions and I’m sure new endeavors. Fortunately, as the market saturates with these boisterous gentlewomen callers, Alex has set herself apart, at least once, with a delightfully manufactured performance sharing the subversive resentment within America’s sister-wife culture.

Her first release, and representative musical foundation, Velvet Elvis EP (2011), is an energetic spring board that presumably projected her to the full body sound of King Con (March 2012) electrifying the atmospheric indie-party cloud (see Medicine). While our PaisleyTunes interns don’t seem to necessarily agree with her generalized sister-wife conundrum, the staff here is eager to see where this RedWing will fly to next.

Alex Winston’s Website

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  1. THIS is sister wife girl!! NICE! ahhaha, I like this music because you do. And because of the sister wife song, hahahahaha!

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