Kris Delmhorst: Songs For A Hurricane

When it’s spelled with a K, it’s a woman. This is not a steadfast rule, but for Kris Delmhorst, it is.

To use the term ‘Chick Rock’ loosely, Kris seems to fit the bill. The typical drum and guitar accompaniment gives the listener the security of familiarity while vocalist Kris divulges the emotionally heavy lyrics that consistently evoke the album title theme, ‘Why You Shouldn’t Live On The Atlantic Seaboard.’

If I sound extra terse, it’s not because I don’t appreciate the album. Ever since Sino-Pop superstars, 2By2’s album Twins caught my eye, the sensation of strong frontman female vocals on an album has created an upwelling of interest and enthusiasm in this listener. Songs for a Hurricane exceeds my criteria for an album, reminding me of strong vocalists Lucinda Williams and Teri Hendrix and what I always wished Christine Moussa would have produced.

[itunes id=”151898799″].

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