OK GO: Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky

OK GO has challenged the listener, to listen closer with this two disc album. Complete with interviews with the band about the album, this worthwhile two-disc set presents a handful of tracks from buckets, and is an exellent demonstration in modern rock composition and production. Though I’m a little surprised to feel that Shooting the Moon (T15/D2 T2) […]

Los Lobos: Pappas Dream

Los Lobos are a group of Los Anglitos who broke the latin music scene with their uniquely Anglito lyrics, latin beats, and chicano centric musical attitudes. Themes of the barrio and a world that had yet to be well represented outside of the kicked-culture of Olvera Street and Super-Rocker Carlos Santana exploded onto the scene […]


If it weren’t for the heavy handedness of the PRC, Glee-East would be the massive sino-pop super-star brother to the American-Pop Hit-Show. Yet, since there is no Glee-East, so we’ll have to explore that which is. The Music of Glee, which is actually the music of American Pop adapted by Hollywood, to produce the music […]

Son House: Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Son House

Couldn’t say I knew much about this Son House until I watched the outstanding documentary “It may get loud.” (post about that coming) The film asks three very different guitarists to talk about their journey through rock and roll. Throughout the film, Jack White continually points at Son House as his total inspiration for everything. Absolutely […]

Stray Cats: Best Of

Fortunately for this group, one of the songs many people know them by highlights the name of their bands name. Unfortunately, most of their listeners still don’t know much of them beyond The Strut, a billboard #3 in 1982, and rarely associate them with hits like Rock This Town and family favorite Sexy and 17. However, their best of […]

Jim Noir: The End

The belated February exclusive for Jim Noir has been released. Another 6-track EP full of new and interesting studio-science creations. Beginning with Intero as a gentil warm-up to the omnipresent Horses With Insurance that lays a heavy organ drum combo, not unlike some of his earlier musings. I Am You Are lands the spaceship onto Planet Noir […]

Jim Noir: Helicopters Left

Jim Noir’s January EP, Helicopters Left Jim’s albums continue to do a better and better job of filling my living room with a pleasant jazzy-trite white noise. The kind of noise I like noticing I’ve been listening to for the last three hours, like my Nicola Conte collection, except less expensive. However, Helicopters Left seems to […]