Jim Noir: Helicopters Left

Jim Noir’s January EP, Helicopters Left

Jim’s albums continue to do a better and better job of filling my living room with a pleasant jazzy-trite white noise. The kind of noise I like noticing I’ve been listening to for the last three hours, like my Nicola Conte collection, except less expensive. However, Helicopters Left seems to make a 6-track attempt to escape this classification, as if on a mis-guided bender to get radi0-play, introducing lyrics that give the perception of coherence and instrumentation clarity while maintaing the Noir stadards of choral rhythms, bright guitar, and, of course, musical cats, meow.

(Sorry we’re two months late on this one but it seems that Mr. Noir is working on some other projects, putting his 2011 norm of an EP every month on hold.)

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