Now That’s What I Call Music! 41

Today (+/- several days) Google launched an all-in-one media storefront called Google Play. For the next undetermined number of days they’re selling media for discounted rates, so I thought I’d peruse the selection for today and to my surprise I found, for the first time, an appropriately priced pop album. $0.25. This, of course would be wholly too low for any Sino-Pop, but for anglo-pop, I think this price is well placed. So I dialed up my G-account and spent my 25 cents, US, and proudly strutted about the house as the new owner of “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.” (Track 1). With this as the 41st version of this super-pop album, a little piece of me dies inside when I consider that it will likely sell by magnitudes of 1000 more times than the work of musical coo-coo-bird trail-blazers like Arne Zank and Howe Gelb. But I think we’re all handsomely rewareded by imagining the battle that ensues between LMFAO, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, T-Pain, Adele, Toby Keith and twelve other artists all in a cage fighting for their ‘fair share’ of my quarter. haHA!

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