Hot Chocolate: Cicero Park

Stabbarific and I have been watching FX’s Louie on Netflix lately. If you haven’t heard of it, Louie is Louis C.K.’s Seinfeldian vignette based comedy show about himself… and it’s hilarious. The show opens with an extended clip of Louis C.K. walking through a New York City neighborhood, eating pizza, and eventually arriving at the Comedy Cellar while being […]

King Charles: Mississippi Isabel EP

It’s really rare that I find a musician who I find utterly fascinating. King Charles is the embodiment of an alternate reality Tom Hulce, an actor who wanted to be a musician. King Charles may be the combination of Hulce’s greatest performances; A melding of  the comedic Pinto from Animal House, the diabolically brilliant Mozart […]

Phil Ochs: Tape From California

Half the World is crazy and the other half is scared, Madonnas do the minuet for the naked millionaires. The anarchists are rising while we’re racing for the moon, it doesn’t take a seer to see that the scene is coming soon… To the victor go the ashes of the spoils, seeds in the soil. Sorry, […]

The Torn ACLs: Make A Break, Make A Move

I must say, The Torn ACLs are impressing me. I have been listening to their new album, Make A Break, Make A Move, online while waiting for it to arrive in the mail and I really enjoy it.  As mentioned before, their freshman album, Cedar-By-The-Sea, contains a few catchy melodies and, one of my current favorites, […]

Horace Pickett: I Don’t Know the Man

After a little poking around the net I discovered that The Torn ACLs have released two new albums since I picked up their first EP, Cedar By the Sea, in 2009. Anyone who has listened to my playlists for more than a few days will know that I regularly insert Reputation at top volume, because I […]

Attila: Self Titled

After tangentially mentioning the band Attila in an earlier post, I decided to give their album, also named Attila, a more in-depth listen. It is an amazing album. Amazing that it exists and amazing that it is not more well known. While a heavy shadow has been cast over this short-lived band by the negative reviews […]

Bears: Greater Lakes

Bears is a band that could have easily come from Palo Alto rather than Cleveland. They are a nerdy looking bunch and a few of the songs sound as if they were recorded in the back room of a party, similar to The Boston Tea Party’s Cold Weather, 40 Minutes and Beer sessions. But, nowadays, who doesn’t […]