Unit 4+2: 1st Album

The only difference between Unit 4+2 and a typical one hit wonder is, well… I guess they fit the mold just fine.

But, who doesn’t love Concrete and Clay? The most amazing part is that they never whole-heartedly tried to duplicate the Concrete and Clay formula. The closest they came seems to be Baby Never Say Goodbye, a single released one year later that hit #49 on the UK charts.

Sorrow and Pain, Unit 4+2’s second single, is one of the most underrated songs on the album and worthy of being looped for 10 minutes or so.

The band started in 1962 as a vocal harmony group named Unit 4.  By 1964, Unit 4 had added a pair of additional members for drum and guitar backing which made them a vocal heavy sextet.  The name was subsequently modified to Unit 4+2.

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